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2019 TDU

Attending the TDU (Tour Down Under) in Adelaide has long been on my bucket list. Like the World Cup and World Championship mountain-biking events recently held in Cairns, it's always more exciting to see the action up-close and personal (especially when it's on your own home turf). Having recently (July 2018) joined the Blackchrome ranks as their National Cycling Manager, and with our Head Office in Adelaide, it appears all the stars have aligned at once.

In typical Blackchrome style, we'll be launching our new 2019 retail cycling range (stay-tuned to social media for sneak peeks) and hosting three social coffee rides prior to the stage start. Details of these "coffee" rides are as follows:

  1. Tuesday 15th January: Blackchrome Mini Hills Ride - 7:30am

  2. Thursday 17th January: Blackchrome Beach Cruise - 8am

  3. Saturday 19th January: Blackchrome Block - 7:30am

All rides depart from the Hilton Hotel (233 Victoria Square, Adelaide) and conclude at Bocelli Caffe Ristorante (81-83 Hutt Street, Adelaide). There will be opportunity to continue riding up into the Adelaide Hills after coffee to watch the live stage action unfold.

Want to know more? View the Blackchrome Cycling Facebook Event page here for full details and to let us know you're coming.

See you in Adelaide.

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