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Typically referred to as CX or 'cross, cyclocross is an exciting form of bicycle racing which generally occurs in Autumn or Winter (the off-season for most other bicycle sports).

Cyclocross events consist of multiple laps of a short (2.5-3.5km) course, covering varied terrain; grass, dirt, pavement, etc. Obstacles and man-made features are included throughout the course to test riders bicycle-handling skills and fitness, some of which requiring dismounting and carrying of the bike.

At first glance, cyclocross bikes look very much like road bikes, but with wider knobby tyres fitted. Closer inspection reveals further differences such as: a more upright position, lower gearing, stronger frames and greater tyre clearance.

The easiest way to describe cyclocross would be a mixture of cross-country mountain biking and criterium racing. Tactics are very simple, ride as fast as you can and stay upright.

Why cyclocross? Because it's fun, friendly and an incredible workout. It's also a great spectacle to watch.

Cairns Cycling Club has already conducted a trial event and two races at their Smith Park Cycledrome on Keeble Street, with further races planned for the coming months. Two separate race categories are offered: mountain bikes and cyclocross bikes. The evening usually culminates with a multi-lap mixed team event (mtb and cx bikes together).

What: CX Race #3

When: Saturday 8 July, 2017

Where: Smith Park Cycledrome (Keeble Street)

Time: TBA

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