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Otway 300

I love to ride my bicycle(s); on or off-road, whenever and wherever I can. So it would come as no surprise that when asked by a great friend (Warren) whether I would like to ride the Otway 300 with him as a two-man team, my answer required little thought ... "Uh, sure".

Based out of Forrest (Victoria), the Otway 300 is a two-day mountain-biking event covering some 300km and approximately 6,000m elevation. Yes, that's a huge weekend on the bike!

As I count down the days 'til we line-up for the 2017 edition on 1&2 April, I thought I would share a little fly-by of the course thanks to race organisers We Ride Bikes.

Here's a little interview we did with the O300 organisers earlier this week (click here).



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