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2016/17 FNQ AUDAX

Colt 45

If you missed the amazing news, Audax FNQ recently announced their jam-packed 2016/17 events calendar. Here's a peek at what's in-store for you:

  • 22OCT16: Atherton BikeFest (Atherton)

  • 75km gravel

  • 100km road

  • 200km road

  • 04DEC2016: Rudolph's Revenge (Cairns Esplanade)

  • 100km road

  • 15JAN2017: Colt 45 (Tolga)

  • 45km gravel/road

  • 05MAR2017: Crepe Escape (Kuranda)

  • 47km gravel/road

  • 18MAR2017: Fleche Opperman

  • 160km in 14hrs

  • 360km in 24hrs

  • 09APR2017: Eight Tableland Towns In A Day (Atherton)

  • 100km road

  • 200km road

  • 16JUL2017: Get High On The Tablelands (Atherton)

  • 100km road

  • 200km road

  • 02-07SEP2016: Great Northern Six-Pack (Cairns)

  • 6-day series of rides; 100 &200km

  • 02-09SEP2016: FNQ Gran Turismo Series (Cairns)

  • 8-day series of rides; 200, 300, 400 and 600km

Don't know what Audax is? Click HERE and read all about this unique Global cycling movement over at Audax Australia.

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