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Today's Plan

Today's Plan is an online training and coaching service which offers subscribers a personalised training plan, complimented by an extensive array of analytics.

Launched at the 2015 Tour Down Under, Today's Plan is the brainchild of cycling's super coach Mark Fenner of FTP Training.

Today's Plan is very easy to setup; simply identify the days and hours you have available, the events/goals which you wish to target, and your fully-custom plan is generated. You even have the option of entering the specific course details of your target events (i.e. course profile data) to further fine-tune your coaching. Today's Plan also contains a (steadily growing) list of the bigger national events within its database, which you can select and incorporate into your calendar.

Whether you're a professional athlete or recreational enthusiast, Today's Plan is the perfect tool to assist you in reaching your goals. Today's Plan keeps you accountable for each and every workout, which it monitors, assesses and provides feedback for. Best of all, Today's Plan responds to your progress (based upon your uploaded data) and tweaks your training accordingly. Yes, it even tells you if you've over-worked or slackened-off during a session.

If (like us) you'd like a "real-life" coach to converse with, we recommend the amazing Paul Mason at FTP Training. Aside from being one of the fantastic coach's at FTP Training, Paul knows Today's Plan inside-out and can assist you with your complete training package.

Why endure when you can enjoy!


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