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2016 (R)ideas


2015 has been yet another giant year for Cycle FNQ; from the outback tour of the Flinders Ranges to the ocean-side scenery of Nelson (New Zealand), the snow-capped summits of Minakami (Japan) to the rocky trails of Townsville. Whilst the volcanic eruptions thwarted our plans to ride Bali (twice), we still managed to tick almost all our adventures off our yearly cycling bucketlist.


Photo courtesy of Fiona Harding

So what cycling escapades are instore for 2016 I hear you asking? Well, aside from our favourite local rides, we've teamed-up with Cycle Tecnic, Live Life Cycling Adventures and Ride Japan to explore beyond our backyard.

mountain biking


To prepare us for these exciting experiences, we've sought the expert advice of FTP Training's Coach Paul Mason. Through Paul's knowledge we're hoping to squeeze the most enjoyment out of every outing on the bike - after all, every ride is supposed to be FUN.


Once again we'll be kept rubber-side down by the friendly and helpful team at Bicycle Centre Cairns, who kindly provide us with the fancy bikes we love to get dirty. Did somebody mention new bikes?

cycling apparel

2016 will also see the introduction of our exquisite Bicicletta Fashionista cycling apparel from Blackchrome Sportswear, along with some top secret product testing as well. Yes, we'll be offering limited edition kits to fill your wardrobe.

Come join us for a ride!


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