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Five Common Self-Coaching Mistakes

FTP Training

Mark Fenner is a coaching guru whose methodology is used by cyclists of all levels (beginner to elite) worldwide to achieve goals within specific timeframes. It is this proven scientific formula which sets the foundation for Today's Plan, a revolutionary training system for Athletes, Coaches and Team Managers.

In his in-depth article "Five Mistakes Commonly Made by the Self-coached Athlete", Fenner outlines key areas all athletes (not just cyclists) should continually monitor and assess:

1. Over-training and inadequate recovery.

2. Clearly defined and specific goals.

3. Expectations and dreams.

4. Information overload.

5. Pacing and monitoring efforts.

Why not take five minutes to read this brilliant article and consider the substantial impact it can have on your life.

Hungry for more information? Visit FTP Training and Today's Plan and see how much further and faster your bicycle can take you.

Knowledge is power!

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