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2015 Twin Bridges Tussle

Twin Bridges Tussle

Black Mountain Road has long been a favourite training, riding and racing area for mountain bikers. So it came as no surprise when the recently formed Douglas Integrated Riders & Trailbuilders (DIRT) Club chose it as the location for their very first mountain bike event.

Starting at the Julatten end of Black Mountain Road, riders will race up Black Mountain Road towards Quaid Road, before turning left and returning via the rainforest trail that is East Black Mountain Road.

Twin Bridges Tussle

What: Twin Bridges Tussle

When: Sunday 2 August, 2015

Where: Black Mountain Rd, Julatten (1.3km past Bump Track)

Distance: 34km

Registration: $35 online only (closes Wednesday 29 July, 2015)

More info: via facebook D.I.R.T. (Douglas Integrated Riders and Trailbuilders) Club

Rider Limit: 90 participants only

------------- U P D A T E ------------- U P D A T E ------------- U P D A T E -------------


Elite Male

1. Steve RANKINE (1h23m15s)

2. Anthony LINCY (1h25m27.6s)

3. Linc CAROLAN (1h27m02.9s)

Veteran Male

1. Craig FERRIER (1h44m13.6s)

2. Simon CORBETT-JARVIS (1h52m39.8s) [FAT BIKE]

3. Anthony TRAFFORD (2h03m26s)

Veteran Female

1. Bron ANDERSON (2h35m49.8s)

Masters Male

1. Brendon SKERKE (1h35m51.1s)

2. Malcolm LINDSAY (1h40m19.9s)

3. Nat SMITH (1h40m47.3s)

Masters Female

1. Anita NARULA (1h42m05.2s)

2. Jean MACDONALD (1h47m40.2s)

3. Danielle BOLLERO (2h13m15.6s)

Super Masters Male

1. Stephen SALLERAS (1h46m)

2. Alan CLARKE (1h48m58.6s)

3. Malcolm BARRETT (2h00m13s)

Super Masters Female

1. Louise TAYLOR (3h19m56.3s)

Grand Masters Male

1. Peter STUART (1h54m57.3s)

2. John JOERNER (1h56m45.4s)

3. Andrew CAMPBELL (1h58m39.8s)

Junior Male

1. Che INNES-COLLINS (2h14m31.3s)


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