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A Bicycle Odyssey

Smedley's Hill Track, Townsville

When it comes to ride options (on and off-road), we are spoilt for choice up here in the Far North. Having recently returned from an amazing few days down in Townsville, where we finally got to sample the new Smedley's Hill Track, we are already planning our return in May for the Townsville Rockwheelers Hotrock 24.

Crystal Creek, Cairns

As a cyclist, travelling with one's bike to different ride destinations is always an adventure. Occasionally, the antics off-the-bike end up being equally as memorable as the riding itself. From the peace and solitude of the Coppermine Track in Nelson (NZ) to the chaos of timing duties at the Oceania MTB Championships in Toowoomba, we continue to learn more about ourselves and our two-wheeled obsession.

Timing: Oceania MTB Championships, Toowoomba

As with life itself, we may think we know what's coming up around the corner, but we rarely ever know just what's in-store for us.

Here's a sneek peek at our next few adventures:

The water is ALWAYS deeper on the other side

For our five-day tour of the Flinders Ranges we shall park our trail-taming Norco Sight C7.2 and reacquaint ourselves with our trusty Giant Anthem Advanced SX (for those long days in the saddle, and that highly anticipated return to the sweet singletrack of Melrose).

Little Transfield, Davies Creek

Stay tuned for a full report when we return.

Cycle FNQ

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