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Get Active: Cyclist Boot Camp

The Festive Season is now in full-swing. Most of us will be winding down mentally and physically as we attempt to accommodate the abundant social activities this time of year brings. After all, rest and relaxation are very important for body and mind.

With the excess of holiday indulgence also comes the wet season, sent (I believe) to further challenge us in our efforts to regain the fitness we worked so hard to achieve throughout the year.

Are you thinking of ways to kick-start your 2015 fitness campaign? Join us for Get Active Personal Training's four-week cycling-specific Boot (Cog) Camp. Improve your core stability and strength through two effective and challenging sessions per week with other like-minded cyclists. Whether you want to bring your friends along, or keep this training a secret is entirely up to you.

What: Boot (Cog) Camp

When: Tuesday & Thursday

Start: Tue 20 Jan, 2015

Finish: Thu 12 Feb, 2015

Time: 1745 - 1830h

Location: Trinity Park, Smithfield

Cost: 1 sess/wk @ $15 // 2 sess/wk @ $30

More details:

  • // 0417 755 994; or

  • // 0437 890 069

* Bicycles and wind trainers NOT required.

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