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We love to ride our bicycles!  That's bicycle with an "s", because one bike is never enough.

Living in the Far North of Australia is living in PARADISE.   Our lives are entwined with Mother Nature; from the outback, through the rainforest, to the Great Barrier Reef.  


Whether you live for the wind through your hair, and smooth tarmac under your tyres, or mud on your face and adrenaline coursing through your veins, you needn't pedal far to satisfy your two-wheeled obsession.


With years of experience racing, exploring trails, coaching riders, organising events and tinkering with bikes, we decided to share our love for cycling with the world. 


Looking for somewhere to ride, or someone to ride with?  Seeking to fine-tune your skills or training for an event?  Cycle FNQ is proud to offer you a range of amazing services and expert advice.


Yes, we even venture beyond our own backyard in search of new escapades interstate and overseas.


Where the road ends the adventure begins!



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